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Sleeping Single In A Double Bed

I married late in life. For years Sleeping Single in A Double Bed was my favorite country and western song. It was always made me laugh. I think it was from the eighties. That's when there were songs like Friends in Low Places and All My Exes Live in Texas (That's Why I Live in Tennessee). These tongue in cheek lyrics were always paired with bouncy country music that made you feel better even when you were really blue. 

It was a big adjustment for me when I started sleeping with another human being every night. First, I had to give up sleeping on a diagonal. Second, I had to get used to the idea that I couldn't get up in the middle of the night and read myself back to sleep when I had an anxiety attack. 

And then there was all the other bodies. Yep. When we got married, my husband had two cats. And I had one. Now we're like a big cat Brady Bunch family. All of us fighting over square footage of a queen-sized bed every night. Yep. There's been snarling and hissing. Some hurt feelings. Some unusual pairings.

When our elderly cat started having a hard time leaping up onto the bed, we got him a set of pet stairs. That why he can get right in my face and but heads with me at three in the morning and insist that I go down to the kitchen and refill his bowl. 

Yep. I can't remember when I slept through the night. I think it was the last time we were in a king-sized bed in a hotel. And that's why we decided to buy a king-sized bed for home. It is delivered tomorrow. I'll keep you posted if there's a little less roaming in the gloaming around these parts.